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For an input field, this is one of the best styles one can have using the 2D vector math library of javascript. This style appears on the box while the user is typing in the input field. This can be achieved using HTML, script math library and CSS styles on your login forms, contact forms, websites, and even on your landing pages. In the HTML, a span element is added in the document. The input keys are added in the javascript for which the animation will be displayed. Next, you need to create a few math functions to create the spray along with the words which are typed in the input field. You can increase the burst of a spray of stimulated particles along the span on input field from left to right and top to bottom. You can see the math for particle stimulation along with the 2D vector class. Source:
With google guidelines for the material design, you can have clean, smooth and sleek designs for your web pages. Material designs can be used in all supported versions of Android devices. Further, it will be extended gradually throughout Google’s web ance mobile products. This will provide a consistent UI/UX experience across all the platforms. This is one of the designs following the google guidelines. This snippet is of the form with two inputs. Once you have an input field focused you would experience a transition of the label to the top corner. You can set the position to bottom or top of the labels when the input field is an inactive state. By following the Material Design of Google you would not have to worry about the user experience of the forms on various platforms. This is specially design for Android devices and hence you can check out the responsive behavior. Source:
For your quirky responsive website, this is one of the best snippets, with jquery and CSS styling it gives a perfect style to the text added in the text field. This snippet displays the style you can have with the input field and the type’s text. HTML is quite simple with having the input field. Few font styles like “sans-serif”, “cursive” and “serif” can be set once we click on the button link. The CSS sets the styles for the fonts by styling their classes of input and controls. We have one more animation called shake which will animate the input field and text once we apply any of these below fonts. The script is carefully drafted to add or remove animation for the font and also for the shake effect. You can add these type of effect to engage the user on your site. Source:

This is an example of the input box which is subtle and can be used in any site with the animation used for the input text. Once you select the input field the label glides smoothly towards the top of the field and allows you to type the text, along with it the color of the text and border of the input field is also changed. The HTML is very simple with the class centered and group applied to the input and labels. All the animation and styling is taken care by CSS3. Once you click the label is transformed along the axis to glide upwards. The style also has the code to stop the chrome’s hideous pale yellow background color to be displayed while you do an auto fill. You can use this as an example to create contact forms. Source:
This is a classic example of input form. As said it is inspired by Googles material design guidelines especially for the text fields. The guidelines used to design the text fields along with its specifications described in the document by Google. The text fields used are filled text which once clicked the labels neatly move up during the users interactions. You can also have field validations on these text fields. The moving of labels is due to the transition method used in CSS. The CSS is perfectly created to match the guidelines and the form. You can use this form as it is to you application with the functional submit and cancel buttons as needed. Make sure that you have required validation in the form checked. Also for this you require CSS3 to see the moving transition and effects added to the field. Source:
This is an example of the input box which is clean, subtle with input text animation. The design easily blends with any type of website. This has an input text designed to make a perfect option for any type of text fields. Once the input field is selected then the label for the field glides smoothly upwards allowing you to add the details clearly in the field. This snippet has a form with two inputs which are of filled type. The entire effect is achieved using CSS 3. With the CSS being more effective in adding transitions and animations, we are not depended on a complicated script to make it interactive, unlike earlier days. Filled input type is used with the borders displayed with red color initially. Once you start typing in the input field, it turns into green. Source:
This is an excellent way to engage your audience, in case of design resource website or font designer. There are various text effects added in this snippet to which allows you to see the exact differences between them. To the left there is a drop-down option to select the effect and then you can see the effect on the text box. This will allow you to select the effects for your websites. HTML for this snippet is simple with the selector and input fields. The functionality depends on the javascript code. There are various covered like bounce, fadeIn, fadeUp, etc. which are added using the script and later the animation is added to the character. The script takes the care of all the keyboard characters and special characters which can be added in the input field along updating of the arrows. Source:
For any colorful website, this is a very good snippet. You can allow the user to choose the colors for their website, especially for the tags and fonts. The HTML is very simple with the class color defining the various colors for tags and fonts. The color list is mentioned along with the class colors. Along the div “Tags” you can see the tags added with the selected color “orange” by default. Next, try to select a color from the color list and check the difference in the tag colors. This is achieved using javascript, once you select any color the background colors for the tags are changed to a recent one. You can also add new tags and make sure that they have the recent selected background color. Also to remove or and any tag you would require the javascript. You can use this to create an interactive site. Source:

Colored Tags

This is a best example for multi-user interactive text tool editor. This will help you to give comment option to user. The effect is simple, sleek and loads quickly. This is also responsive and works effectively on any screens. It helps to reduce the space on web page and can be seen only if the user wants to comment on it. The HTML is simple with the container for responsiveness of the field. Input type is checkbox attached with the class cbox. The CSS style for input box is perfectly written to display the “Add Comment” when unchecked. This blends well with javascript adds the comments like add comments and “Enter to Submit”. The icon of plus and minus are transition and transformed perfectly. The collapsing of the check box is well matched with the animation and rotation set in styles. While using this snippet make sure it matches with your web page. Source:
This is an excellent snippet for interactive designs. This uses SVG which is a way to create an interactive, resolution-independent vector graphics that looks great on any size of the screen. Take a look at it in smaller screens and larger screens, the effect, and animations of the look will be the same. This can be used for any fields in your website. Here the clicking on the email would give a stroke effect to the SVG line which is added in HTML. Also, the combination of CSS transition is achieved perfectly with the effect. This snippet also uses javascript which allows the validation of email address. Try adding a wrong and correct email ID, you would get the indication of email id’s type on the input field. Make sure to use the javascript along with the code in snippets to get the correct effect and look. Source:
his example looks simple but the code is tricky. The input field like this engages the audiences, with this example you can experiment with different text effects. This example displays the simple type of effect, the text field gives an animation effect of small jumping of the characters that are typed in. Javascript is used to create a smooth and clear transition of the type in characters. These kind of animations can be used at any part of the website. This design helps to blend with any type of website. For this snippet to you need to use the CSS and javascript for its role. This snippet goes well with the touch screen devices like iPhones and pads. The touchscreen property is been added by script when required. This is one of the best examples of normal and touch screen devices. Source:

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