Normally, to create text animation in Flash we either use timeline Motion Tween or ActionScript coding. Motion tweening is very time-consuming and not practical because the text must be broken apart and converted into Symbols. ActionScripting is a better solution, but it will require advance coding skills. Fortunately, now we have TxEff! It is a Flash component developed by Jump Eye Components, for web designers who need to create text animations in a fast and reliable manner. This article will show you how to create video-like text effects with TxEff in just a few minutes.


TxEff requres Adobe Flash CS3, ActionScript 3.0, and Flash Player 9+ to play or view the SWF movie.

Effect Patterns

The free/demo version includes 3 basic patterns: Alpha, Blur, and XYScale transitions. To get the advanced patterns, you need to purchase the full license version for $99.97. Jump Eye is continuously building new effect patterns. At the moment, they already have 24 patterns built in their full license version. They promised that by March 2008, we will have at least 50 patterns.

How to use it?

TxEff is very easy to use. Simply create a TextField object on the stage, drag-and-drop the component over the TextField object, configure the parameters (optional), and you are done!

1. Create TextField object

Make a new ActionScript 3.0 Flash file. Use the Text tool and create a TextField object on the stage. Name your TextField instance with the following settings:

1. dynamic text field type
2. render text as html
3. anti-alias for animation
4. embedded fonts


2. Attach component

Open the Components palette, drag the TxEff component over the TextField instance.


In the Component Inspector palette, select [*] from the patternName dropdown and manually enter the pattern name "FallAndGlow". Then drag-and-drop the FallAndGlow component on the stage (it can be store anywhere on the stage or in the Library). You can experiment with the parameter settings or leave everything as default.


Note: Demo version only comes with 3 basic transition patterns. To use the advanced patterns, you need to get the full version.

3. TransitionType hide

In the previous step, I have applied the "FallAndGlow" effect at tweenDuration = 2 sec. Now I want to apply different effect to make the text disappear after the first effect is finish. So, in Frame #60 (2sec x 30fps = 60frames), insert a new Keyframe (F6).


Select the TxtEff instant, in the Component Inspector palette change patternName to "HorizontalDissolve" and set transitionType to "hide".


4. Import effect settings

If you are lazy to experiment with the parameter settings, you can import the effect settings from the TxEff Online Database. Find the effect that you like, copy the effect ID number and paste it in the effect id field and click Import.



TxEff is the best text animation Flash component that I’ve seen so far. It is perfect for making Flash intro or ad banners. TxEff not only can save time, but it can also create video-like effects that are impossible to make without scripting and calculating graphics with BitmapData.

Get your free copy!!

We are giving out 3 full license copies. Follow this link to find out how to get a free copy!


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