Usually, I keep the sketches of every project I designed and use them as simple documentation. Sometime I might refer back to the old sketches for ideas and references. Here I would like to share my development process of Web Designer Wall with you. This article will show you how WDW is done – from start to finish.


The design you see now is not my original concepts. I actually been through two versions before I finalized this one. Let’s take a look at my original concepts:

  1. Computer desk
    My initial concept was to have a computer desk with an iMac or G5, bookshelves, magazines, plants, sticky notes, and a pull-down tag cloud. Then I thought it might look too similar to FreelanceSwitch, so I trashed it.

    concept 1

  2. Wall concept
    Then I came up this "wall" concept – a lot of sketches on the wall, a bookshelf, some design books & magazines, a Flash ticking clock (just to look cool), Ajax calendar on the sidebar, and some stickies.

    concept 2

Photoshop comp

Here was my first comp of the wall concept. I didn’t like this comp at all. Somehow it didn’t turn out as nice as on the concept sketch. Plus it looked too much like this site. Then I wanted to try another direction…


Another direction

Later, I saw a flower sketch that I drew (for fun) long time ago and I thought it might work on my design. I quickly scanned it and put in my Photoshop comp. I like it a lot!

flower comp


Finally, I decided to use the flower design and traced it in Illustrator. I chose watercolor style because I wanted the theme to look artsy and sketchy. The tag cloud actually took me a lot of time because I wanted to design a very unique cloud. I tried pull-down tag cloud, but I didn’t like it. Then, I ended up with this plain and simple tag cloud. Here are some more development screenshots:


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  1. Mark
    Aug 29, 2012 @ 4:44 am

    Hi Nick,

    i like webdesigner wall, but in my opinon, your previous design with the flowers was much better, than the actual one.



    • 黄辉泉
      Sep 9, 2012 @ 12:35 am

      I love the WDW so much.


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