This is Round 2 of the FITC ticket draw. Again, WDW is giving out two tickets to the FITC conference that will take place in Toronto between April 25 – 28, 2009. Visit their website for event information and presentation details. I also want to remind the female readers that you can get a free ticket by submitting a video to FITC explaining why you want to attend the event (deadline is March 27, 2009). If you are buying tickets, enter coupon code "webdesignerwall" to get a 20% discount.

Update: This contest is closed and the winners are: 2 and 9.

How to get a free ticket from WDW?

  • Post a comment in this post stating why you want to go.
  • One entry per person. Duplicate comments will be voided and deleted.
  • Winners will be contacted by email (so make sure your email address is correct).

Comment entries will be accepted until March 24, 2009 for round 1. Then two winning numbers will be generated randomly from the comment list. Two winners will receive a free ticket to FITC Toronto 2009.

Note: After this round, WDW will do another round to give out the last two tickets.


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  1. wai-lam
    Mar 16, 2009 @ 2:37 pm

    i’ve never been to one.. i do a lot of flash stuff, would love to check out an fitc and see what’s new out there! great site btw!

  2. Darcy Clarke
    Mar 16, 2009 @ 6:51 pm

    Nice.. hope I win.

  3. Philippe Lajoie
    Mar 17, 2009 @ 10:27 am

    I’ve always wanted to go to FITC but never had the funds for it. Also I think it would be a great experience.

  4. pat doran
    Mar 17, 2009 @ 10:51 am

    I was going to buy a ticket, but then I donated the money to An organization dedicated to increasing IE6’s bloated market share and stifling innovation on the web.

  5. Heather
    Mar 17, 2009 @ 11:04 am

    I’m suspicious of the fact FITC encourages “a video of you” when it applies only to women as a means for consideration. It’s vaguely creepy.

    No, I take that back. REALLY creepy.



  6. German Villarreal
    Mar 18, 2009 @ 10:48 am

    I really want to go to FITC but it’s absolutely out of my budget… I’m from Argentina and these events are unreachable for the average designer in my country.

  7. Allahverdi
    Mar 18, 2009 @ 11:10 am

    Ew, hi!
    Well, i won’t talk a lot… I want to go to FITC. But it’s out of my budget :(
    Well thanks for offering this great chance to us :)

  8. Lisa
    Mar 18, 2009 @ 11:20 am

    I would love to go mainly because I have never had a chance to go to a conference out of the U.S. – it would be a awesome experience to mingle and learn from designers all over the world. Plus it is way out of my budget :(

  9. Kurara
    Mar 18, 2009 @ 1:51 pm

    I live in montreal. I have been studying design for 3 years. It would be very nice opportunity to go visit FITC. I would love to go to FITC!!

  10. Nate
    Mar 19, 2009 @ 12:27 pm

    It’s right time I visited Canada. The end.

  11. Karen
    Mar 19, 2009 @ 7:54 pm

    Attending FITC means connecting with people who are creative and advanced in the latest web technologies. Volunteering last year was a rewarding experience. Though I wouldn’t mind doing it again, winning a ticket would be a bonus towards gaining even greater knowledge in Flash. As for the extra ticket, I’d make sure it wouldn’t go to waste!

  12. kristy
    Mar 19, 2009 @ 10:24 pm

    I am just finishing a multimedia program in Toronto, and have never been able to afford to attend this event, would love to go and take a look at what everyone is doing worldwide and network to line up the ever coveted post graduation job.

  13. Yuri
    Mar 20, 2009 @ 9:09 am

    I am experiencing web designer writers block and need inspiration and fresh ideas for my projects. Please help =)

  14. kristie
    Mar 20, 2009 @ 6:27 pm

    I am a self-taught web designer looking to improve my skills. I am also an AmeriCorps volunteer, so I’m too broke to go on my own. Thanks for offering this opportunity.

  15. Ariyo
    Mar 22, 2009 @ 3:31 pm

    I am constantly looking for improvements and keep teaching myself new things and get inspired by others. I would love to attend FITC conference and I believe that this would be an awesome step towards my education. I really appreciate this opportunity and looking forward to win a ticket since it is absolutely out of my budget. throw my name in the hat please. Thanks!

  16. caroline
    Mar 23, 2009 @ 1:31 pm

    I want to go because I have never had the money to go, but wanted to.

  17. James
    Mar 24, 2009 @ 8:47 am

    Employer training budgets are tight these days. A designer has got to do what they can to stay in touch with emerging trends. Sending a ticket my way would be really appreciated.

  18. James
    Mar 24, 2009 @ 1:34 pm

    This would be awesome! Conferences are often in far away places, but this is right at home. I’m a computer engineering student with a keen interest in web development and design.

    Lately, I’ve been trying to use my technical skills to improve community groups, either through thorough numerical analysis of their data, migration of their data to usable databases (Ralph Thornton Centre) or through construction of websites for non-profits (Toronto Youth Cabinet and Canada Geeks).

    The FITC would be a great complement to the work I’m doing both as a developer and a budding web designer.

  19. Charlene
    Mar 24, 2009 @ 3:01 pm

    Yay for FITC. Finally.

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