This is an example of a submission form with validation, designed using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap framework 4. The fonts, CSS styles, and Bootstrap styles are imported to the code with their URLs. The body of the form is given the styles of font-size as 18px, and font-family as 'Poppins', sans-serif. The input fields are given the styles of position as relative, display as block, width as 100%, font-size as 14px, color as #bbbbbb, line-height as 20px, padding as 15px 28px, border as 1px solid #bbbbbb, background-color as #ffffff, font-weight as 400, border-radius as 25px, and transition as all 300ms ease. The input fields take a border-color of #ff7e00, in a focus event. The text area for the message field has the styles of height as 200px and padding-top as 25px. The Submit button is given the styles of text-transform as capitalize to make the first letter of each word uppercase, font-size as 14px, padding as 15px 50px, and line-height as 20px. Source: