This is an example of a team Members Showcase with animation on hover, designed using CSS, HTML, and Bootstrap framework 4. The fonts, CSS styles, and profile images are imported to the code using their URLs. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn icons are given the background colors of #3B5998, #55ACEE, #007bb5, and change the opacity to 0.7, in a hover event. The form title is displayed using a font-family style of 'Yrsa', serif, and a font-size of 50px. The team member card is given a width of 260px, and a height of 100px. The front side of the profile card is given a background color as #bbb, whereas the backside is given the color #f2f2f2. The member details are displayed using the styles of font color as #007b5e, font-family as 'Yrsa', serif, font-size as 30px, and padding as 15px. The profile cards take a transform effect of rotateY(180deg), to create the flipping animation in a hover event. Source: