This is an example of a schedule table layout, designed using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap framework 4. The item images and font styles are imported to the code with their URLs. Media quarries have been used to increase the responsiveness of the form. The form is given a navbar to select the dates of the week and six schedule cards to display the scheduled events. The navbar is given a border-bottom style as 2px solid #104455. The navbar items are given a style set of font-size as 12px, text-align as center, text-transform as uppercase to automatically convert the text to uppercase, font color as #3d3d3d, font-weight as 500, and cursor style as pointer to get the hand cursor effect on hover. The active tab of the navbar is displayed with a background color of #104455, and font color of #fff. The other tabs take the background color of #46c1be, and font color of #fff, in a hover event. Source: