This is a sample design for the footer section of a website with a search bar. To apply the icons and the font styles to the text, the font-awesome style sheet has been imported. Creating the search bar has been done by using “form” tag and the input type text element to display the text field and the button element for the search button. CSS style of border-top has been used to display the line on top of the search bar. The font style of the footer section is set as “Raleway sans-serif” and the values of input type text element to have a height of 45px, the width of 40%, padding-left of 20px and the color as #333.
This is an example of the footer section of a website with pure CSS. CSS style has been used with the background element to apply a background color to the footer section. The background color is set to a dark shade of gray with the value of #1c1c1c and the font color to white with #fff. A href element is used to mount the mobile number where the prefix tel: is appended to link the number to a mobile application on the user device. Likewise, the prefix mailto: has been used to link it with an email id and redirect to an email application on click.