This is an example of a bootstrap FAQ accordion web form with collapse and expand effects, designed using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Bootstrap style sheets including the fonts and icons are imported to the form with their URLs. The background color of the body is set to #fff. The page title has the styles of padding as 3rem 0 3rem 1rem, background color of #73bb2b, and font-family as "Roboto", sans-serif. The card header button is given the styles of color as #2f2f31, font-size as 1.04rem, text-align as left, position as relative, font-weight as 500, and padding-left as 2rem. The card header takes the color of #ff8300, in a hover event. The card body is given the background color of #324353. JavaScript functions have been used to implement add minus icon for collapse element which is open by default and Highlight open collapsed element effects. The open collapsed element gets a highlighted effect of #74bd30 color.
This is an example of a combination of bootstrap accordion and bootstrap table, designed using HTML. The Bootstrap accordion is a component that organizes content within collapsible items, allowing the display of only one collapsed item at a time. A link has been imported to the code to access a more detailed document. The float buttons have been given a drop-down list. Also, the cards are provided with checkboxes and collapsible descriptions.
This is a plain yet elegant example of an Accordion with the items arranged in the ordered list. You can use this to show a large amount of information or data in an ordered manner. This can be seen in the pages where the content is broken in paragraphs, links, and images. You can create this using plain HTML with bootstrap and CSS styles. You can click on one of the panels and you would see the collapsible feature working on this accordion. This snippet uses the “Collapsible panel” one of the feature of bootstrap. You need to define the “panel-group” which is divided default-panel each having header, footer, and body. Check out the classes data-toggle assigned as “collapse”. This gives the collapsing functionality to the body of according once clicked on the header. The CSS styles the accordion along with the panel.
This is an example of Nested Accordion with verticle steps inside each accordion. Here the panel is created inside the panel to create a nested view. To create this nested view we have a super accordion defined as panel-group and then the panels containing the header and body for each accordion. Now each of these panel-body defines a new panel which would create a new group of the accordion. The data-toggle is set to collapse to give a collapsible behavior to each accordion. The innermost body contains some listed information; You would rarely see, but this could be useful in website for educational to display large content or on the sites which deals with different variety yet categories under one particular menu. You can use this on your website.