Some people hate it, some people love it, but undoubtedly it is preferred in a wide variety of situations, from banners and online videos to rich internet applications. I'm talking about Flash of course. Take the comic strip below as an example. It was animated with BannerSnack and output as a SWF file. Click to play it.

Pretty interactive, for a comic strip, huh?

But seriously, the recent conflict between Apple and Adobe brought into discussion the role (and ultimately the necessity) of Flash. What do you think about Flash content? Will Flash disappear or it will continue to strive along with other technologies such as JavaScript or HTML5? Comment and you may win a 1-year subscription to BannerSnack.

The Giveaway

Tell us what you think about Flash in the comments section and you may win one of the three 1-year BannerSnack licenses. The winners will be chosen randomly on July 9, 2010.

BannerSnack is an online application that allows non-Flash developers to create animated interactive Flash content such as banners, website headers and intros, and even microsites.