Web Designer Wall is found and designed by Nick La, who also runs N.Design Studio and Best Web Gallery. So, what is Web Designer Wall? It is a blog where I post my design ideas, tutorials, and modern web design trends. It is much like A List Apart, FreelanceSwitch, Fadtastic, and DevLounge. However, I will focus more on frontend design rather than backend coding. Here are more about the site...

Web standard coding

This theme is custom designed and hand coded by me using valid XHTML strict mackups. Beside of the standard layout CSS, there is a print CSS stylesheet which will save your printer ink by excluding the unwanted contents such as navigation, sidebar, etc. This site has been tested on most major browsers: IE 6, 7, Firefox, and Safari (both Mac and PC).

Design style

Again, a lot of colors and big background image. If you have seen my portfolio site before, you should know that I'm a color lover and I like to use graphical image. The background artwork is designed for high resolution monitor (1440px or above). However, it will still look fine if you have a 1024px display. Everything is perfectly measured.


To enhance the layout functionality, I added some unobtrusive Javascript such as the collapsible comment list. I find the collapsible comment list is very useful. For example, if you want to reply comment #3, simply toggle all comments and leave comment #3 open. These Javascripts are very light and they don't break the layout even when Javascript is disabled.


The contents are organized in three major categories: Tutorials, Trends, and General. Each post is tagged with associated keywords (tagcloud is obviously located on your right). You can find the recent entries and comments at the footer. Very simple and straight forward.


This site is proudly powered by WordPress. The only WordPress plugins used here are Simple Tagging, intouch form, and G-Loaded's Recent Comments. The beautiful transition and scrolling effects are done by jQuery and Interface Elements.