Let's admit it, we all hate Internet Explorer 6. About 80% of our CSS debug time are spend on IE6. We all know that IE6 is outdated and has horrible CSS rendering engine. However, most average Internet users haven't realized that yet. Why? Because we put our hard work on it and patch the bugs by various IE hacks. Well, it is time to do something...

Common IE hacks

  1. CSS Conditional comments
    In order for our sites to work on specific verson of IE (due to improper CSS rendering), CSS conditional comments are used to apply special CSS specifications to fix it. If you haven't realized this yet, read the IE bug articles on positioniseverything.net (warning: you might hate IE more after you read them).

  2. PNG hack
    As mentioned early, IE6 is outdated and doesn't support PNG alpha transparency. In order to display PNG (with alpha transparency) properly in IE6 or older version, we use this hack.

    Aleksey asked on "Simple Double Quotes":
    "Hello Nick. I see some bug.
    The Close button ( X ) don’t transparent. Test on IE6 and MyIE."

    My response:
    "Yes, I know the PNGs don't display probably in IE6. But guess what, I'm not going to bother to fix it. I'm sick of hacking IE6 bugs. You should upgrade your browser anyway. Why are you still using the outdated browser?"

Why trash IE6 hacks?

I know this is difficult because about 37% (according to w3schools.com) of internet users are still using IE6. But, together we can make a different. Stop using IE hacks on your sites and let them see the ugly side of IE6. Eventually, they will find a better browser (ie. Firefox) or at least upgrade to newer version of IE.

Agree with the comments below, the statistic from W3schools does not reflect the entire internet. According to TheCounter.com, the global browser stats of IE6 users is 52% in July 2007.

Support me

If you agree with me, please support Web Designer Wall by making a vote and spreading out the word. Let's trash all IE hacks and code happily ever after...



85% voted yes

15% voted no

Here are what people have said:

  • "My boss will fire me if my sites don't work in IE6" because 52% of internet users are still using IE6.
  • Display a message (in yellow bar), "You are using an outdated browser, please upgrade your browser" to IE6 users.
  • If it is a personal project, you can ignore all the IE6 users. But for professional or commercial projects, you can't live without them.
  • Avoid using any features (ie. PNG, CSS selectors) that are not supported by IE6.