Urban Dirty is a regularly updated online photo library featuring hundreds of grimy, slimy, gritty and grubby textures (managed by Paul Burgess). They range from crusty concrete to mysterious splats, all intended to bring a bit of dirt to your designs. Images are available in various sizes and offered free for any purpose. They'll come in handy when creating Photoshop brushes or something like the Deep & Moody tutorial.

About Paul Burgess

Paul Burgess

Paul Burgess is a Brighton based web designer who enjoys clean code with a dash of Photoshop. Raised on hip hop, design and late nights with a mild internet addiction since 1999. Visit http://iampaulburgess.co.uk

Paul explains the story behind Urban Dirty

"I am always on the look out for tasty textures to play with in Photoshop as I roam the streets during daily routines. I keep a camera to hand in case I spot something that might be useful. I was gathering quite a collection of various splats and patterns and needed to keep them organised. I wanted a means to create some kind of structure to the collection and share them all at the same time. I chose a name that would describe the content, discovered how to use the Flickr API and created the site from a private set, which makes updating it very easy. I'll just keep snapping those macros and hope people enjoy getting some use from them."

Visit Urban Dirty now to check out his texture stock photos.