Finding inspiration has always been part of my work and life. I created Best Web Gallery back in 2006 as my personal bookmark tool where I featured the best design on the web. I've featured more than 1700+ sites in the past years. Today I'm happy to announce the redesign. The new design gives the site a huge facelift and more functional.

Upgraded to WordPress 3.2 and Themify

The major upgrade in the backend is the WordPress platform and the theme framework. I upgraded WordPress from version 2.2 which is a 4-year old version to the latest 3.2. The theme back-end is based on the Themify framework.

themify framework

Multiple Viewing Options

Each post has multiple viewing options:

  • click on the thumbnail to visit link in the same window
  • click on the comment icon to view the post details
  • click on the zoom icon to view link in lightbox
  • click on the new window icon to open link in a new window
viewing options

Lightbox Browsing

Browsing on Best Web Gallery is easier. Featured links can be opened in a lightbox mode and users can use the arrow keys to browse through the gallery without having to switch tabs or go back and forth.


Full Size Screencap

The image screen capture is taken at full size 1200px wide.

full size screencap

Rating System

On top of the new design and platform, I also added a star rating plugin (suggested by many). Now you can rate the site and view the top 2o sites.


Fluid & Responsive

The layout is completely fluid and responsive. It works in any resolution and all major browsers including Internet Explorer. If you are into the responsive design, read my tutorial on how to code a responsive design with media queries.


Welcome Chad Mueller

Lastly, I would like to introduce Chad Mueller of Inspiredology. Chad will be on board and handling the submissions and site management.